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DARdreams Designs

I have been posting my recipes online for several years, but they aren't the only things I love to dream up.

I started a Zazzle store to sell some of my other creations. It is an ongoing work in progress and already contains a large variety of items to buy as-is or customize to fit your own unique personality.

* Creating My 1st Product Line - Sea Lions *
Sea Lions
My first product line was inspired by this wonderful photo my husband took of two sea lions swimming blissfully together. From that photo, I made a line of wedding items including customizable invitations, thank you cards, postage stamps, etc.
I love how I can set up a form that makes customizing things very easy for my customers. For example: with my wedding invitations, all you have to do is fill in the blanks in the form with the names, date, time, place, address, etc, then click on the "ok, finished personalizing!" link for customized invitations with the sea lion picture and fancy script. You can see your changes in the preview pane as you make them. If you want to customize the invitations even more, you can do that, too.
From the wedding idea came the "Just Married" series of items including shirts, hats, buttons, and even a bumper sticker. Some of these items have that cool fill-in-the-blank customizing, too. Even items without that feature can be customized manually.
For those who aren't getting married, I created shirts for big and little people (and dogs), a mousepad, magnets, aprons, hats, bags, customizable mugs, etc. You can add text to go along with the sea lions picture on just about anything.

Use the "Sea Lions Design" link to your left to find my Sea Lions items at Zazzle.

* A Bright Idea For My 2nd Product Line - Tulips *


I used this colorful picture of tulips for the background on my computer for quite awhile. I liked it so well, I used a strip of it for the heading of my store at DARdreams Designs.
Now I have added the tulips design to many items in my store, including cards, mugs, shirts, buttons, aprons, etc.
I love the bright colors and it goes especially well on bright-colored items. I have also played with the original photo to create special effects, like this tulips heart.
Tulips Heart
Look for items with this design in the "Tulips Original Design" link.

* A Burst of Inspiration For My 3rd Product Line - Tulips Collapsing Design *

Tulips Collapsing Design

While playing with special effects with the tulips photo, I created this design.  It has the effect of the photo collapsing into itself, which creates a bright star-like image.
This collapsing design goes great on everything from stationery items and apparel to tote bags and mousepads.  
Since it isn't apparent this design is from a tulips photo, it can be used on items that even people who aren't into tulips will like.  Yet it still matches the original tulips items.  
I have used the design with a white background on some items and with a red background on others for different effects.  Look for these items in the "Tulips Collapsing Design" link. 

* A Softer Version of Tulips For My 4th Product Line - Tulips Hand Drawing *

Tulips Hand Drawing Design

I love this version of my tulips design! It gives the effect of being hand drawn with soft colors.
This design looks great on items with a white background or on colors like yellow, pink, orange, and green.
I especially love it in a heart shape.  You'll find items with this design in the "Tulips Hand Drawing Design" link.

* A Yummy Theme For My 5th Product Line - Kitchen *

DARdreams Low Carb Recipe Binder

I have been creating recipes and sharing them online for many years. I print them out from my DARdreams blog website, put them in plastic sheet protectors, then file them in a binder with category dividers.

You can also print out my "How to Make..." and "Living Low Carb with..." pages to add to your binder.

Zazzle started carrying Avery binders, so I decided to make a DARdreams binder for my recipes. But having several projects already going, the idea got put on the back burner (excuse the pun!).

When Zazzle had a cookbook binder contest, I couldn't procrastinate any longer! The pegboard pictured on my binder is one I had in my kitchen for many years. The 1st binder I created is a more rusty red color and the 2nd one is more berry-colored.

You can choose from these two versions through the "Kitchen Design" link.

* A Serene Scene For My 6th Product Line - Waterfalls *

Waterfalls Design

This beautiful picture of waterfalls near Drift Creek in Oregon was taken by my husband on one of his many hikes.
Can't you just hear the sound of the waterfalls and birds chirping? Ahhhh....
I designed a tie with the waterfall cascading down it for those guys who love the outdoors, but must wear a tie sometimes, too.
I also designed a mousepad for outdoor lovers to bring a little bit of the beautiful outdoors with them wherever they use their computers.

Check out these waterfall items in the "Waterfalls Design" link.

I have also given you the main link to my DARdreams Designs Zazzle Store. 

Here are some of my creations:


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