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DAR's Top 20 Low Carb Heroes

These people are heroes because in the face of unrelenting opposition, they continue to present the truth to millions of people who can benefit from a low carb lifestyle (which is just about everyone).

There are more low carb heroes and it was difficult to choose my top 20, but here they are, presented in alphabetical order because they are ALL heroes and important.

You can scroll through the page or click on a link below to go directly to a specific person.


Dr. Robert C. Atkins Jennifer Eloff
Judy Barnes Baker Barry Groves
Gretchen Becker Fredrick Hahn
Dr. Richard K. Bernstein Dr. Larry McCleary
Dr. Jonny Bowden David Mendosa
Dana Carpender Jimmy Moore
Dr. William R. Davis Tom Naughton
Laura Dolson Jenny Ruhl
Amy Dungan Mark Sisson
Dr. Michael R. Eades Gary Taubes

* Dr. Robert C. Atkins *

Amazon carries many titles and versions of Dr. Atkins' books.  Here are a couple to get you started.  You'll find more through these links.


You can also find the Atkins program, info, support and more at the Atkins Official Site.

* Judy Barnes Baker *

Judy's books contain much more than low carb recipes.  Here are two of them at Amazon.

Judy's Carb Wars Blog

* Gretchen Becker *

Gretchen's books are must-reads for the newly diagnosed or those who wish to avoid diabetes.  Here are two of them.


*Dr. Richard K. Bernstein *

Dr. Bernstein has excellent info for all diabetics.  Here are two of his books.

Also see Dr. Bernstein's Website for book excerpts, articles, recipes, forum, and info.

* Dr. Jonny Bowden *

Dr. Jonny Bowden has many books on healthy living.  Here are a couple to start you out.  You'll find many more through these links.

Don't forget to check out Jonny Bowden's website.

* Dana Carpender *

Dana has written many low carb cookbooks.  These two will whet your appetite for many more you can find through these links.

Keep up with Dana at her Hold The Toast! blog 

* Dr. William R. Davis *

Dr. Davis is a cardiologist with great info about diet and health.  Check out two of his books here and more through these links.

Read more info at Dr. Davis' Cureality website.

* Laura Dolson *

Laura is the author for the Low-Carb Diets category at verywell.com.  She wrote the foreward to this book:

Find lots of info and help from Laura through Low-Carb Diets

* Amy Dungan *

Amy co-wrote this book with Dana Carpender and others.

Check out Amy's Low Carb Reality articles at Carb Smart.

* Dr. Michael R. Eades *

Dr. Mike and his wife, Mary Dan Eades, have written many low carb books.  Try out these two and find more through these links.

Read fascinating, detailed info at The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

* Jennifer Eloff *

Jennifer has written many low carb cookbooks.  Here are some of them.

Follow this wonderful friend at Splendid Low-Carbing with Jennifer Eloff.

* Barry Groves *

Check out these eye-opening health books by Barry Groves.  You'll find more of them through these links.

Follow the Support Blog for "Trick and Treat" by Barry Groves.

* Fredrick Hahn *

Here is one of Fred's health books.  Find more through this link.

Find more info at Fred's Serious Strength & Slow Burn Fitness blog.

* Dr. Larry McCleary *

Check out these informative books by Dr. McCleary.

Find more info from and about Dr. McCleary, including a link to his blog at the bottom of the page at McCleary Scientific.

* David Mendosa *

Sadly, David recently passed away, but his articles are still availaible through this link.

David Mendosa at Health Central

* Jimmy Moore *

Find these books and more through the links from this popular low carb hero.

Read Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Blog.

* Tom Naughton *

Watch the "Fat Head" DVD from Tom.  He also wrote the forward to this book about cholesterol.

You can also follow the Fat Head blog.

* Jenny Ruhl *

Jenny has a lot of info you aren't likely to find anywhere else in this book.

You can also find a lot of good info at the Blood Sugar 101 website.

* Mark Sisson *

Mark has lots of "Primal Blueprint" books you can find through these links.  Here are two of them.

Get more info and his blog at Mark's Daily Apple.

* Gary Taubes *

Gary gives lots of eye-opening evidence in his books.  Here are two of them.

Follow Gary Taubes' blog for lots of great articles.

Also read Gary's New York Times article "What If It's All Been A Big Fat Lie?" 

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