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What is DARdreams?
DARdreams means the things DAR dreams up.

Who am I?  Find out by clicking on "Who is DAR?" in the list to your left.  Then come back here to read on...

This is the story of what led me to start DARdreams and how it has evolved over the years.  Settle in...  This may take awhile...  You can just play around with the links and explore by yourself if you want to skip all the hard work I put into writing this explanation.  Go ahead; I won't know!  ;+)  But if you're interested in some background info and explanations, keep reading...

For several years after my diabetes diagnosis, I avoided the kitchen as much as possible because I thought eating low carb to control my BGLs (Blood Glucose Levels) wasn't any fun and I didn't want to be around foods I couldn't eat.  I would grab something quick and low carb, then get out of there.  Can you say B-O-R-I-N-G ? ! ! !

In January of 2007, my husband decided to eat low carb with me to lose some weight. (He has lost and kept off around 80 lbs!) Sifting through low carb recipes and cookbooks to help him through Atkins Induction got me excited about experimenting with my own low carb recipes. 

You can click on "Weekly Menu Chart" to your left to get a copy of the chart I used to plan my husband's menus.  You may be asked if you're sure you want to open the file; yes, you do!  The file is in Excel form, but you can choose to open it with another spreadsheet program by choosing "Save" and then "Open with" to find your own spreadsheet program.  Don't forget to come back here and keep reading!

I started DARdreams as a way to share my low carb recipes with others. I was a member of
About's Low Carb Diets forum for years and even helped moderate it for awhile.  It was a great place to interact with other low carbers and share recipes or "kitchen experiments" as Laura Dolson, the Site Guide, put it. 

The forum is no longer there, but Laura's info is still available through that link. There's nothing like sharing your creations to keep you pumped about creating more of them!

As more recipes were added to the forum, it got more and more difficult to sift through them, so I started my original DARdreams blog to make it easier to organize and find my recipes.  It also gave me a place to share my thoughts, info, and favorite low carb resources.

At the beginning of 2011, Windows Live stopped hosting blogs, so my DARdreams blog moved to Wordpress, where it continues today.  You can visit it by clicking on "DARdreams Blog" in the list to your left.  There is a search box you can use at that site to find what you're looking for by entering key words.  It's really handy!  I use it frequently, even though I'm supposed to remember where I put everything.

At my DARdreams blog, you will also find the "DAR Says..." category, where I share my thoughts and info with you.  You can check out my thoughts about
Eating Sweet "Treats"
and other entries. I have included a resources list and, of course, recipes!  You can also find a lot of that info here at DARdreams.com.

Look at the categories at the top (and bottom) of this page and you will find a link for "DARdreams Recipes."  Click on it and you will find links to recipe categories at my DARdreams blog as well as step-by-step how to articles with pictures here at DARdreams.com for making some of my favorite low carb recipes.  There are more recipe photos in "DARdreams Photos."

You will also find a link to my DARdreams2 site to your left, which I started about a year after my original DARdreams blog to share more info and resources.  I also wrote articles for eHow until they changed owners.  Those articles are the how to articles you will find in "DARdreams Recipes" and "Low Carb Health & Diabetes Info" at the top and bottom of this page. 

Until recently, I published lenses at Squidoo.  That info can now be found on this website in various places, including the "Living Low Carb with..." pages in "Low Carb Ingredients Info & Recipes Using Them." 

I have a lot of fun dreaming up and sharing low carb recipes with you, but I like to share other fun things, too!  In "Low Carb Health & Diabetes Info," you will find info on creating your own crossword puzzles and in "DARdreams Puzzles" I share some of mine with you.  I challenge you to solve them without looking at the answer keys!

Besides recipes and puzzles, I love creating other things, too.  I crochet, sew, craft, etc.  As another outlet for my creative juices, I started a store at Zazzle.  You can find it in the "DARdreams Designs Zazzle Store" link to your left and more info about my Zazzle designs in "DARdreams Designs" at the top or bottom of this page.  I made a recipe binder for DARdreams Low Carb Recipes at Zazzle.  I print out my recipes and keep them in my binder in my kitchen.  You can, too!  You'll find two binder options in my Zazzle store. 

In the "DAR's Favorite Low Carb Sources" you'll find the companies I rely on for quality low carb foods, books, supplements, etc.  I have become an affiliate with these companies and if you use my links I will get a small credit for your purchases. I would greatly appreciate your support, but my main goal is to give you good sources for low carb products.

There are also links to "DAR's Top 20 Low Carb Heroes," including their blogs, books, websites, etc., and "DAR's Top 20 Low Carb Recipes."

Follow the "DARdreams on Facebook" link to connect with and like me on FB.  You can also email me through "Contact DAR."  And if you get lost in the maze of links, try the "DARdreams Site Map" link to figure out where you want to go next.  Above all, have fun looking around!

If you're still here...  Thank you for reading all the way to the end!  Don't be a stranger...  Come back again!

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